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In this instance, the all-caps in the headline aren’t hyperbole – they’re an emergency. “Email is no longer a secure communication medium,” according to researchers at Germany’s Münster University of Applied Sciences.

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26 Jun 2018

Encrypting Popular Client Emails is Hard Work

In a world of instant messaging, VoIP, Dropbox, FTP, and other forms of communications, email is still the primary method of communication between companies.
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10 Apr 2018

It's Time To Leave Your PGP Security Behind

In the world of private encryption, there are few words more apocalyptic than “I gave away my private key.” It is rule number one of PGP security – never reveal your private key to anyone else. 

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30 Nov 2017

File Sync and Sharing — What You Need to Know


Collaboration between employees is one of the largest drivers of productivity in our modern era. Telegram, telephone, fax, and email have brought the ideal of instantaneous communication closer and closer over the years.

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10 Oct 2016