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NotPetya Caused Maersk to Lose Hundreds of Millions in US Dollars

The world’s largest container ship and supply vessel operator, Maersk, announced last week that it has suffered hundreds of millions in U.S. dollar losses from the ransomware attack, “ NotPetya ”. 
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01 Sep 2017

GoldenEye “NotPetya” Ransomware Is Disrupting The Globe With Irreversible Damage

It’s not just the physical world that’s volatile; the cyber world isn’t safe either. Just barely a month after Wannacry ransomware shook up the cyber ecosystem, there was another cybersecurity epidemic that wreaked global havoc on June 27th.

This time it’s Petya, or is it NotPetya... or maybe GoldenEye...

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30 Jun 2017

So you WannaCry or get Petya-rified, or you Wanna-Be-Safe?

It’s another day and another global cyber attack, which is debilitating companies all over Europe and the US this time by ransomware known as, Petya.  Organizations have come to the conclusion that protecting information is key to keeping customers and maintaining business stability.   However, the way in which information and assets are protected must change because the current model just isn’t keeping hackers from the vital business assets.

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28 Jun 2017

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