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Insurance Companies: A Hacker’s Paradise

As more and more insurance companies continue to opt for secure and safe file exchange for their clients’ data, they are at the same time becoming a hacker’s paradise. The reason is simple: insurance companies hold a massive amount of important data, and most hackers are focusing specifically on the file exchange solutions that insurance companies are using.

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19 May 2017

File Sync and Sharing — What You Need to Know


Collaboration between employees is one of the largest drivers of productivity in our modern era. Telegram, telephone, fax, and email have brought the ideal of instantaneous communication closer and closer over the years.

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10 Oct 2016

FBI Election Flash Alert: Increase Computer Security

With less than 55 days until the U.S. Presidential Election, what have you done to shore up your election data and infrastructure security?  

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22 Sep 2016

Secure Data Exchange Unification the Ultimate Protection

“In order to truly counter the threat of data loss, companies need to moderate the exchange of content across the perimeter in a way that largely hasn't been done until now. What enterprises need is a brain, an epicenter, that can moderate data exchange channels across an entire organization.”

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08 Aug 2016

Data Exchange in the Rearview Mirror


In the course of human history, we’ve managed to discover the most efficient and effective ways of delivering a message. Our language has expanded and our messages have evolved, but for the great majority of recorded history, data exchange remained basic.

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25 Jul 2016

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