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The fine print of Cloud File Sync and Share APIs

By Eitan Bremler

If you follow the various cloud file sync and share and storage providers, you probably noticed the recent announcements of leading cloud FSS/storage vendors Box and DropBox regarding their release of new APIs for their business and enterprise versions.

Now, while these new APIs represent a great step forward for enterprises who wish to benefit from these cloud storage solutions and integrate their own business applications and data stores an important consideration is the extensive API development required.

This means, getting familiar with the cloud storage provider’s API as well with the API of the application you wish to connect to the cloud. The more applications you wish to connect the more Integration work that is needed.

In addition, it is important to add security layers in order to ensure data leaving the organization’s business applications to the cloud storage does not breach company policies, and that data being downloaded from the cloud storage is not infected by a virus or malware.

So it’s clear that just taking the cloud storage provider’s API is not enough, there is a need for a complete solution which will allow integrating all of the organization’s business applications to the cloud while adding security layers to the Software Defined SDA flows.

Safe-T Box is an on-prem solution which enables organizations to control and secure data exchange of any type and size between the organization and any cloud storage solutions. It enables organizations to quickly and easily add security layers to existing business processes, thereby strengthening the control of and reducing the costs of sensitive data sharing. Safe-T Box’s unique modular architecture and integration capabilities ensure that it seamlessly integrates into existing data exchange scenarios in the enterprise and cloud, providing policy enforcement and secure data transfer.

Safe-T Box’s Consumer Cloud Connectors empower enterprises’ IT to enable the business use of consumer cloud storage solutions while maintaining full visibility, governance, and control of all data that is uploaded and downloaded from the cloud. With the use of Safe-T’s Consumer Cloud Connectors, enterprise IT gains the ability to block sensitive data from being uploaded to the cloud, while allowing non-sensitive data to be uploaded to the cloud.

Safe-T Box offers unmatched innovation, allows organizations to connect to the leading consumer cloud storage solutions such as DropBox,, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. So now data exchanged with cloud storage solutions, is securely uploaded and downloaded, with viewing, copying, deleting, moving, Synchronizing all enabled in a natural user experience. Users can even migrate data between different cloud storage solutions as easily as cut and paste.

Learn more on how Safe-T Box can help you securely enable consumer cloud FSS access.

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