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How Your Employees Can Securely Share Files via Secure Cloud Access

By Amir Mizhar

Secure Cloud AccessEveryone values efficiency and simplicity, which is why thousands of technology startups and established companies have been “disrupting” the old way of doing business with new solutions for long-standing challenges. Many of these developments leverage cloud storage and computing to accomplish this because of its cost and technological advantages. Both your employees and your customers are also consumers, so they’ve become accustomed to using mass-marketed methods for getting things done quicker and cheaper using freemium online offerings. Sending and sharing large files is no exception to this rule, which is why multiple companies have attacked this space with great success.

Sharing Files Via a Third-Party Service

While at first people might have been skeptical about storing and sharing files via a third-party service that was willing to do it all for free, it’s now old hat for digital natives that have been using it for a decade. Google Drive now literally has trillions of files stored on its servers. Half a billion people use Dropbox and more than 200,000 pay them for extra storage space, while Box claims 80,000 paying customers.

Pay a few dollars a month and now you’ve got 100 GB you can use to store files in the cloud and—more importantly—easily share with someone else via a unique link.

Is Your Organization Securely Uploading and Downloading Files?

This is where your organization’s security comes into play. In the “old days” there was no expectation that a large file could easily be sent to someone else, and there was certainly no one planning on collaborating on the same file at the same time. People simply accepted that there was going to be some extra hurdles when a file was too large to be attached to an email. That’s what FTP sites and overnighting physical media was for, right?

Today there is no appetite or patience for waiting around for the delivery truck and no one wants the hassle of using a special site just for securely uploading and downloading files, plus there’s always going to be a pesky browser plug-in or it won’t work on someone’s smartphone. Everyone involved knows it would only take seconds to drag that file into their Dropbox account and email a link, so why go through the hassle of using anything else?

Removing Friction and Solving Pain Points with Secure Cloud Access

Accepting this reality and embracing it is the smart move for organizations that want to make things easier for both their employees and their customers. You don’t want employees wasting their time trying to walk customers through a complicated proprietary solution or partners getting frustrated because they can’t easily get critical information from you just because the file is too big.

Modern business is all about removing friction, and solving this pain point to streamline the operations of organizations in nearly any industry, from manufacturing firms to law offices to City Hall. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the safety and security measures that your IT department and management team otherwise value.

Enable your Organization to Securely Use Cloud-Based File Sharing and Storage With Safe-T

This is where Safe-T’s Secure Cloud Storage Access solution fits in. Sitting inside your WAN firewall is the Data Exchange Server, which connects to all of your internal systems, such as email servers, identity services, file storage and business applications, while outside of your firewall is the Access Gateway and Access Controller.

The two-tier system keeps the bad stuff from getting in (such as Malware and viruses) and keeps sensitive information from getting out by passing it to your Data Leak Prevention solutions. It also ensures you have full records of everything coming in and out of your network to help with compliance and auditing activities.

For your employees, they’re given a simple method to use popular file storage and sharing solutions, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. They can open the Safe-T client interface using a web app, from within their Outlook client or using the mobile app and then upload or download files to one of these services. Organizations can also map a SmarTransfer drive to one of these cloud offerings and it’s as simple as dragging-and-dropping the files they want to store and share.

For your customers, partners and vendors sitting outside of your WAN, they’ll never even know you’re using the solution as their user experience is identical to their “regular” usage. Meanwhile your organization can rest assured that this simple and easy way of sharing information doesn’t create any security headaches or violate company policies.

The other advantage to enabling your organization to use cloud storage and sharing solutions is the potential for significant cost savings. Outsourcing large file storage to a cloud-based provider can save your organization significant amounts of money without sacrificing uptime, availability or security. And going forward, cloud-based storage will only get cheaper, which will probably come in handy since your organization is likely to keep accumulating more (and larger) digital files.

Are you ready to unleash the benefits of cloud-based file sharing and storage while maintaining your strict security standards? Schedule a demo today with one of our consultants to find out if Safe-T’s Secure Cloud Storage Access is the right fit for your organization.

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