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How Secure Data Exchange Will Let Companies Comply with the GDPR

By Julie Shafiki

EU Secure Data Exchange Companies Comply with the GDPR

Over the past couple of weeks,  we've talked a great deal about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will take hold in the European Union next May. We've spoken about:

Now we'd like to take a moment to talk more specifically about the ways in which concepts from Safe-T might help companies navigate the GDPR. Chiefly, we believe that two Safe-T concepts, Secure Data Exchange and Secure Data Access, will provide resources that allow companies to bring themselves into GDPR compliance without a great deal of effort, expense, or worry. This entry will focus on Secure Data Exchange, with Secure Data Access in a forthcoming blog.

First, A Quick Refresher on the GDPR

In case you haven't clicked on the links above, the provisions of the GDPR are roughly as follows:

  • Every EU member state, and those organizations accessing data from EU citizens, is subject to the rules of the GDPR.
  • Data cannot be collected or analyzed without the consent of EU citizens. Once collected, data must be made anonymous—you shouldn't be able to easily trace data back to an individual.
  • Businesses must protect the data that they collect, and appoint a data protection officer to build and enforce these protections.

It's these last two points that Secure Data Exchange mostly concerns itself with. Data must be protected, companies must hire a person to protect it, and that data can't easily point back to a specific person.

What is Secure Data Exchange?

Software Defined SDA is meant to solve a particular problem with file transfer in this day and age. In short, the number of ways that people send files to each other have multiplied from essentially two (email and FTP), to essentially infinite. You can upload files to cloud apps, transfer files between applications, synchronize files across enterprises, and more. There are so many pathways of data exchange that most manual and even automatic solutions can't monitor them all.

Safe-T's Secure Data Exchange solution sits comprehensively between your organization and the internet.  It allows companies to freely send data across its intranet, but filters files that cross over to remote applications, 3rd party vendors, and cloud storage. Administrators can now manage any data transfer, from any source and to any destination, while applying additional build-in tools that make life that much easier for your data protection officer.

Secure Data Exchange Makes Life Easier Under the GDPR

Under the GDPR, the data protection officer within your company must work with the organization to monitor and enforce compliance with the regime. Secure Data Exchange gives the data protection officer the ability to view every file transfer, learn who transferred which files where and when, and automatically encrypt important files that need protection.

Combined with Secure Data Access, Safe-T might be the only tool your company needs to comply with the GDPR. The auditing, enforcement, and compliance requirements under this regime can all be taken care of from a single easy-to-use interface, from a single pane of glass. For more information about Safe-T and how to handle your GDPR requirements, sign up for a free demo today. GDPR Guidelines

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