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Safe-T Box Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Video

By Eitan Bremler

Your users may be great at their individually assigned roles, but as a collective, they don't know much about cloud security. Some of them might understand that it's not a great idea to store sensitive information in the same Dropbox they use for family photos, but it only takes one misunderstanding to expose your whole organization to potential risk.

What's more, some of the apparently commonsense solutions to this problem may not work as intended. That’s why cloud-based security policy enforcement points, also known as a cloud access security broker (CASB), are so critical today.

Safe-T Box Secure Cloud Access Broker Movie



Shutting the Cloud Clamps Down on Productivity

For example, it may make sense, on the face of it, to simply ban all cloud storage solutions. That works, right? There's no need to invest in a data loss prevention (DLP) solution, and your users can share files using email attachments.

When you shut down the cloud, however, you're shutting down productivity. Think of all the time wasted waiting for other people to send you files. Think of the lost opportunities to work from home. Think of the time it takes to set up and support shared drives and VPNs. Integrating a cloud access security broker allow benefiting from authorization, encryption, malware detection and prevention and so on, and can save you all that time and money, not to mention can avoid frustration.

Enabling a Business-Only Cloud Demoralizes Your Workers

The best things about services like Dropbox are also the most problematic. People like the fact that they can dump all their files in there and share them at their leisure. It's easy, it doesn't require much thought, and allows users to get on with their day. While it might make sense to install a DLP solution that only lets users share certain business-related documents, it's been shown that users will rebel against complex, time-consuming, or confusing security regimes.

Rather than risk users doing an end-run around your security precautions, why not empower their pre-existing File Sync and Storage (FSS) solution with intelligent security?

Safe-T Box offers a solution that provides the intuitive ease-of-use of common cloud access security broker or file share and sync solutions. Users are free to drag and drop both personal and business-related files using a friendly and intuitive interface. Under the hood, Safe-T Box intercepts these files before they're shared, and checks them using the enterprise's chosen DLP solution. Sensitive files are blocked and flagged.

Downloaded files are also automatically checked against antivirus software before being downloaded onto a user's machine, and similar protections can be extended to our cloud email solution as well. We believe that Safe-T box represents the best way for enterprises to embrace the convenience of the cloud without sacrificing security. Want to learn more? Try out our demo today!

Safe-T box provides a variety of ways for enterprises to share data securely, and to control what data can and cannot be shared. For more information on our secure document sharing solution, download our white paper here.

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