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Law Firm Data is Catnip for Hackers

Dig into a law firm, and you’ll find secrets. Sometimes these secrets are mundane, like who’s getting divorced, or who’s getting cut out of the will. Sometimes, however, these secrets can shake nations and economies. 

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08 May 2018

State-Level Cybersecurity is Hard to Fix

Let’s set the scene.

Back in 2015, an audit of the various departments making up the government of California showed that out of 77 agencies, 73 had failed to maintain compliance with reasonable security standards.

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03 May 2018

SWIFT Cyber-Attackers Strike Again - Organizations Must Turn to the Software Defined Perimeter

Cyber-attacks targeting the SWIFT inter-bank transfer system have blighted the financial services industry worldwide over the past two years. Now yet another major attack has been foiled after Malaysia’s central bank blocked an attempted fraudulent transfer of funds via SWIFT. 

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01 May 2018

Encrypting Popular Client Emails is Hard Work

In a world of instant messaging, VoIP, Dropbox, FTP, and other forms of communications, email is still the primary method of communication between companies.
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10 Apr 2018

Are You Securing Cloud Storage Wrong?

No cloud implementation – in any business unit at any company – is perfect. That’s a given. IT administrators, directors, and CIOs have always been forced to make compromises between convenience, cost, and security. 

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03 Apr 2018

Global Data Protection Laws: Japan

Over the last few months, we’ve talked extensively about the GDPR – but the GDPR isn’t the only data protection regime on the planet. In Japan, legislators have just enacted changes to the nation’s flagship data privacy regime. Let’s look at how these changes will affect those hoping to do business there.

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27 Mar 2018

Global Data Protection Laws: South Korea

Over the last few months, we’ve talked extensively about the GDPR – but the GDPR isn’t the only data protection regime on the planet. We’ve just covered the Philippines, and now we’re going to move on to South Korea .
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20 Mar 2018

More Vendors Mean More Cyberattacks – Protect Your Supply Chain!

The rise of "as a Service" companies mean that the corporate supply chain is more complicated than ever. Your company probably doesn't do its own hiring, accounting, or software development in-house.

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13 Mar 2018

Preparing for Industrial Cyberattacks: Does your Industry Have a Plan?

Imagine having to put rubber boots on to fix the damage from a cyberattack. This act was a reality for researchers at a simulated coal plant in Sweden, where a paid penetration tester proved the vulnerability of the plant’s physical systems by tampering with its cooling system. 

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05 Mar 2018

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