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Why Your MSSP Should Offer a Secure Cloud Storage Solution?

By Eitan Bremler
securecloudsolution Many MSSPs (managed security service providers) currently offer their clients the ability to outsource their firewall, DDoS protection, intrusion detection, and more. Instead of grappling with the expense and effort of building a SOC, hiring trained security personnel, and provisioning the expensive tools needed to define and protect the enterprise perimeter, customers can offload that responsibility to an outside provider. One of the disadvantages of the industry—at least from a seller perspective—is that most MSSPs offer the same menu of services, and so the only thing left to compete on is price.

Thus, it is incumbent on MSSPs to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering new services that others don’t. This allows providers to preserve their pricing structure and justify their value to customers. For this reason, MSSPs should take a look at offering the cloud version of Safe-T Box, a secure data exchange broker.

Advantages of Secure Data Exchange as a Service

A secure data exchange broker is a great value-add for companies who don’t wish to invest significant resources into an in-house security organization. That’s because a secure data exchange broker provides services that fill in the gaps where the traditional MSSP service offering tends to miss. Here are some of the basic capabilities provided by Safe-T Box.

secure data exchange

1. Secure Cloud Access:

One of the major problems brought about by the rise of enterprise SaaS applications is the proliferation of “Shadow IT.” These are services that are used or bought by individuals or business units without being approved by the IT administrator. While there’s a school of thought that says enterprises should allow employees to use the tools they choose themselves, the inherent problem with that logic is that there’s no way to prevent users from misusing them.

Safe-T Box brings productivity and security into agreement. Our solution provides user-friendly API connectors that allow admins to quickly set up Safe-T Box as the moderator between the enterprise and their cloud storage tools of choice. Employees can use the tools they want, and administrators can see all of the data that’s passing into the cloud. By bringing their in-house DLP into line, admins can even automatically flag and filter data—such as SSNs, email addresses, and credit card numbers—that shouldn’t be leaving the corporate perimeter.

2. Secure Email

Similar to secure cloud access, many enterprises wish that they had a solution that could prevent users from either accidentally or purposefully sending data to addresses that are outside of a secure circle of trust. DLP works to a certain extent in this regard—but can’t really moderate email that’s sent from outside of the corporate perimeter.

With Safe-T Box’s secure email as a service, users can send secure email whether they’re sitting at a desktop, using their laptop at Starbucks, or using their mobile device on the road. Users can Outlook with our lightweight Safe-T Box plugin, via a browser-based webmail app, or a mobile app for Android or iOS.

3. Automated Policy Enforcement

This is the big one. When enterprises make use of MSSPs, they’re partially covered in terms of GRC—but must still must make sure to manually encrypt sensitive documents while keeping a record of who accesses them and where they move. For any small company that must still conform to the dictates of HIPAA, SOX, or PCI-DSS, this can amount to a great deal of time, effort, and money.

4. Secure Cloud Storage

MSSPs can offer Safe-T Box as a secure cloud storage and file sync and share solution. Organizations, can utilize Safe-T Box’s virtual data vaults to store company information in an encrypted form, while governing who uploads what data to the cloud….

Via Safe-T Box, MSSPs can offer a genuinely time- and labor-saving advantage. Operators can configure our solution to automatically apply encryption to a certain set of documents and generate an audit trail. For emails, operators can instantly encrypt both the message and the attachment, require a password to gain access, and revoke access after the email is sent.

Implementation is simple: just install the Safe-T Box VM on your server, and offer it to your customers like any other service. Provisioning is as simple as generating user accounts and passwords for your customers’ employees. For more information, check out our white paper today!

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