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MSSP vs MSP: What a Missing “S” Could Mean for Your Company

By Tom Skeen

A missing “S” could cost your company dearly. Many otherwise-savvy business professionals don't know the difference between Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). But even if your customers don’t understand the distinctions, you do, and you know you need to offer them the peace of mind that additional “S” affords.

If you are an MSP, your customers are coming to you for help with a multitude of new data security challenges. You probably provide some security services. But are they adequate to meet your customers’ needs? They need a partner to secure and monitor sensitive data, help them adhere to regulations and provide a means to safely share information in a hybrid cloud environment

It’s there that extra “S” makes all the difference.

A Distinction with a Difference

Of course, the degree of difference depends on various factors and, sometimes, the line is fuzzy. It’s not that there isn’t a difference; it’s just that each MSP and MSSP is unique, and--according to MSSP Alert--trying to define either is likely to spark debate. But let’s go there anyway.

MSPs typically partner with their customers to manage on-premises and cloud services and, depending on the service agreement, provide help-desk support, hardware updates, network and application management and monitoring--and yes, some security services.

An MSSP provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Again, the specific offerings depend on the client and the MSSP. It provides customers with cybersecurity monitoring and management that can include intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and virtual private network management.

For an MSP to become an MSSP, it must add more security-centric services to its portfolio. It’s that simple--and that complex. It’s not that MSPs are blind to security--most offer basic services such as remote firewalls, patching and antivirus protection. But organizations need more, thanks to a significant uptick in cyberattacks, especially in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Now is the Time

If you’ve considered offering that extra “S,” now is the time. Increasingly, businesses are turning to MSSPs to help them align security solutions with business objectives.“There is a giant, untapped market of customers begging for cybersecurity help, which makes it even more attractive,” reports Channel Partners.

According to a Sapio Research survey conducted in 2017 on behalf of SolarWinds MSP, 49 percent of U.S. and U.K. businesses indicated plans to outsource security this yearSapio Research also found that 70 percent of businesses would have more faith in an MSSP’s security capabilities than they would in an MSP’s. 

The market will continue to grow as managed security services will be a $40 billion space by 2022, according to the Allied Market Research’s Managed Security Services Market report. Here’s part of the reason why:

The task of information security is becoming more complex with the growth of business in terms of size and structure and utilization of social media, cloud services, big data and various computing devices. Rising number of security attacks and malicious practices by organized cybercriminal groups has been creating concerns among the organizations. In addition, increased complexities in network infrastructure are proving to be major hindrances in data security management. In such a scenario, the outsourcing of security task to managed security service providers has emerged as a lucrative option for the organizations.

We, too, expect the demand for MSSPs’ expertise to expand, and there’s one more reason to consider. A lack of cybersecurity professionals. Even if your customers could afford to manage cybersecurity in house, where would they find the people? The demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to outpace supplyThe market is ready for MSSPs. Are you ready for the market?

Safe-T Can Help

Safe-T allows you to add that extra “S” and provide customers a premium cloud security offering--and to do so affordably. Safe-T’s Software Defined Access fits seamlessly into any cloud environment, providing unlimited performance and scalability. It will easily integrate into existing cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures and architectures, allowing you to provide secure email and data vaults.

The Software Defined Access solution will help you generate additional revenues, differentiate your enterprise from the competition, access new market segments and--most important--add value to your customers. You become an even stronger, more trusted advisor. And because Safe-T offers a white-label option, it’s essentially your offering, not theirs.

Perhaps the most important thing you provide customers is confidence--the surety that they can go about their work knowing their data and systems are secure.

By offering Safe-T Software Defined Access as a service, you can now provide that peace of mind. You--and they--know that their data is controlled, secured and kept in the right hands--and they are compliant with the constantly evolving laws and regulationsReady to learn more? Visit Safe-T and sign up for a free trial.

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