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Join Safe-T at Infosecurity Europe

By Eitan Bremler

Taking place from June 7th to June 9th in London, Infosecurity Europe is about to be the world's hottest destination for information security professionals. Over 12,000 visitors are expected to take part in a comprehensive security education program, including over 300 vendors. The event is one of the biggest international networking opportunities that the industry has to offer. Better still, participants will have the opportunity to meet with Safe-T representatives while witnessing live demonstrations of our technologies–enabling enterprises to securely access the cloud.

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Come visit Safe-T at stand A-24, and learn about our flagship products that allow enterprises to fully secure their corporate perimeter and enjoy the convenience and productivity improvements of cloud storage, without exposing security risk.

RSAccess Secure Data Access

It is commonly understood that that the idea of the corporate perimeter is obsolete. Attackers can use well-known workarounds to circumvent the perimeter—by finding unsecured inputs in applications, exploiting unpatched zero days, or simply using a social engineering attack to gain access to places they shouldn't be. Something new is waiting to be thought of.

Using Safe-T's RSAccess Secure Data Access, enterprises can protect their networks in a revolutionary manner. Using a dual-node system, RSAccess secures the DMZ. The external access node acts as a secure front-end, capturing all external requests, and transmitting them to the internal node, which strips the request of all potentially malicious attributes. In this way, the RSAccess nodes can securely transmit data through a firewall without opening a single port.

This allows enterprises to radically simplify their DMZ setup, eliminating redundant software and appliances, and dramatically shrinking their attack surface. Attackers will be unable to patrol your networks or find the location of your data center, and will pass on in search of easier targets.

Safe-T Box

Alongside the traditional arms race between security professionals and bad actors, there's another emergent nexus of conflict: your own users. You want to secure your corporate perimeter and prevent the leakage of sensitive documents. Your users want to freely share documents with a single click. With Safe-T Box, you can both enjoy the convenience of cloud storage without causing IT to bite their nails and wait for someone to share something they shouldn't.

For users, Safe-T Box presents a convenient interface similar to many leading file sharing services. They simply pick a file they'd like to share, drop it into a Safe-T Box folder, and watch as it synchronizes to their connected mobile and personal devices. Under the hood, Safe-T Box is intercepting the upload and verifying it against your chosen DLP solution. If a user attempts to upload data flagged as sensitive, Safe-T Box interrupts the upload and alerts IT.

Safe-T Box incorporates a host of user services as well. Integrated anti-virus, email integration, and secure managed file transfer are just a few of the additional features incorporated with Safe-T Box. This product offering provides enterprises with an all-in-one solution that protects your secure data from leakage into the cloud.

Meet the Safe-T Team at Infosecurity Europe

If you’re attending Infosecurity Europe this June, make sure to visit us at our stand A-24, to learn more about our technology, services and how our solution can help meet the particular needs of your organization. Schedule a meeting with us today for an exclusive interview, with senior Safe-T team members.

We hope you have a great experience at Infosecurity Europe 2016, and we hope to see you there!

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