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Overview of the RSA Information Security Conference 2016

By Tom Skeen

Earlier this month more than 40,000 attendees mingled during the 25th annual RSA Information Security Conference in San Francisco, California. The attendees represented many uniquely different sectors including health care, financial services, manufacturing and government just to name a few, and all had a very similar common need - To protect assets and make the exchange of information easier, faster and with more oversight and higher levels of security.

"Connect to Protect"

The theme this year was “Connect to Protect”. This was very relevant given that we are more connected now as a society than we've ever been, for both business and social reasons. With this comes challenges - some obvious and some obscure, giving exhibitors and attendees an opportunity to explore new ideas and to re-address some legacy , but relevant topics.

There was also much discussion about whether Apple should cooperate with the FBI or not, when it comes to unlocking a terrorist’s iPhone. Is it a coincidence that that story broke out about the same time 40K security professionals would be assembling? Whether you think so or not, that topic is relevant in the security world and amongst its professionals. Paris, San Bernardino and Brussels may be cause for more heated discussion on this topic.

Information Security on the Rise

There were nearly 700 speakers at the event and quite possibly a record number. Their expertise ranged from the CISO of the FAA to an international college student to a founder of a cyber security startup. You ask, what does the wide range of speakers mean to me?

Almost everyone has a perspective on information security and varying experiences that we can all learn from. All business sectors have a role to play when it comes to protecting our information and evolving best practices across the globe is critical. Perhaps the Elephant in the room is the fact that almost everyone’s personal data is freely available on the web. It got there by companies who should be guardians of that data being hacked.

Like many other exhibitors, I spent hours chatting with potential customers and technology partners. Just about everyone had a common theme or two. What is the best way to protect information, at a reasonable cost and with the most operational supportability? This makes complete sense given the continued challenges around advanced cybercrime and hyper connectivity nowadays. 

I also experienced a significant number of security companies looking for partners to help them stand out in all of the “noise” around security and similarities in the vast product offerings. Today there are more security startups than ever before. It’s my perspective that companies must partner and focus on what they do best in order to meet customers’ needs and advance the security cause.


Although there were countless security products and services being offered this year, in visiting a large number of the exhibitors I noticed that one product in particular did stand out. Safe-T's RSAccess reverse access solution. This product revolutionizes the traditional DMZ. By reversing the inbound flow of data traffic, it is extremely flexible by being application and protocol agnostic while offering significant protection for inbound traffic to a network. Customers had their eyes and ears wide open each time the brief overview of the product was given. The common response was – “I’m not quite sure if anyone else is doing this”. It’s not so often that a simple concept changes the way a routine task is performed. Safe-T hit the mark on this one.

Whether you went to the conference, read about it online or are just hearing about it now, you must admit there is a global problem with securing and exchanging information efficiently. Reduce your attack surface, take charge of your data and your customers’ data today or your business might not be around to talk about it tomorrow.


For more information on secure data exchange, download Safe-t's White Paper, on Safe-t Box. 




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