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FBI Election Flash Alert: Increase Computer Security

By Tom Skeen

With less than 55 days until the U.S. Presidential Election, what have you done to shore up your election data and infrastructure security?  

If the answer to that is only that you’ve read the FBI Election Flash Alert informing you to increase your computer security - let me give you a hand.

In the August 18th FBI Election Flash Alert, ahead of the U.S. presidential election, the FBI announced they have uncovered evidence that foreign hackers, recently,  penetrated two state election databases. This immediately prompted the alert to government officials to increase computer security, and that election data and the results are at risk.

Security Controls Can Be Installed Quickly

You realize time is of the essence and you need security solutions installed quickly to avoid chaos, disruption and embarrassment in your district or state.  Early last month I published an article, U.S. Elections: Big Target for Another Data Breach, discussing the threats of malicious outsiders and why it’s important to think about security in layers. Now, let’s discuss two quick-to-deploy security solutions in one week with less than 55 days to the election.

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How to secure your network:

1. Deploy Enhanced Perimeter Security

  • Stopping malicious outsiders at your perimeter is key
  • Current-day firewalls aren’t effective against advanced cyber attacks
  • Application servers must be removed from the DMZ at your perimeter
  • RSAccess is a patented secure front-end product that can be deployed in a matter of days augmenting government and enterprises existing firewalls to assist in protecting against advanced cyber attacks.

2. Deploy an Automated Security Policy and Enforcement Engine

  • Integrate a security solution that will enhance your existing security products to decide: when data enters, is viewed/edited or exits your government network and systems
  • Add security layers to existing data exchange processes to easily and quickly control, monitor, scan, track and audit all touch points from origination to destination
  • Safe-T ’s automated security policy enforcement engine allows government and enterprises to easily and quickly add security layers to existing data exchange processes and can also be deployed in a matter of days to assist in protecting against advanced cyber attacks

The easiest and quickest approach when shoring up computer and data security, as recommended by FBI election flash alert, is protecting your government’s network perimeter with an enhanced cyber security solution, implementing an automated security policy and enforcement engine to your existing products and processes.  The benefit of these types of solutions versus a total “remove and replace” solution, lessens the risk and time to market considerably.

With less than 55 days until the election, today is the day to change your security posture against malicious outsiders attempting to affect the US elections on November 8th. The impact is significant to the results of not only the presidential race, but also; to  governor and congressional seats up for re-election, local government officials trying to make a difference, and ballot issues affecting millions of Americans. Don’t be the government election official that does nothing other than “hopes” their election data and infrastructure are secure.

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