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DropBox October 2014 Hack

By Eitan Bremler

Yesterday (October 13th 2014), an unnamed hacker group claimed to have hacked and accessed almost 7 million Dropbox accounts. DropBox themselves, issued a statement later denying being hacked, claiming that “…the exposed logins were mostly expired and harvested from third-party services…”.

This sent a tremor through the industry? People were asking how safe is Dropbox? And it caused people to consider Dropbox competitors.

While this statement by DropBox may reassure most of their users, there is still a chance that some of the exposed logins are still valid, meaning that indeed files have been exposed. And now comes the punch line – while this is a big deal for personal users, having their personal data exposed (movies, pictures, etc), this is even worst for companies.

Thinking on the high number (7M) of allegedly hacked accounts, it’s evident that cloud storage solutions such as DropBox,, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc, are growing rapidly. The simplicity of cloud solutions and the vast amounts of storage they offer for free make them a perfect solution for both consumer and business usage.

This has transitioned into a situation where more business users are switching from complicated, storage limited file sync and share solutions, such as email, FTP, and shared folders to using free cloud storage accounts. It has been revolutionary in making it easier to collaborate with co-workers, business partners, and even customers.

This in mind, imagine a business user using his/her own personal DropBox account or an account opened using a company email, to share company related information with a customer or business partner…if that account’s login has been exposed, then it means the company’s information has been exposed, and that information may be sensitive…putting the whole organization at risk at data leakage and breach of compliance…

Is Dropbox safe for confidential files?? Bottom line is, we can’t stop employees from using DropBox or its likes, but we can ensure company information is not stored in the DropBox, or at least no sensitive information. This can be done by empowering the enterprises’ IT to enable business users to use consumer cloud storage solutions while maintaining full visibility, governance, and control of all data that is uploaded and downloaded from the cloud.

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