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Cyber Crime is Already a Threat to Human Life

By Eitan Bremler
Cyber Crime

Shachar Daniel spoke at the Capital Markets Conference sponsored by the “Calcalist" and International Bank Leumi, saying: "The information we have on us is more critical, people are more afraid to lose their cell phone than their wallet".

The World is Becoming Increasingly Digital

"Most of the competition in the world that takes place among banks is which bank is more digital," said Safe-T CEO Shachar Daniel. Safe-T, Ltd is one of two cyber security companies exhibiting at this conference that is traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange. "But as the world becomes digital, it experiences even larger security breaches."

CEO Shachar Daniel continues, "There is a gap between the digital advances and the actual security in the field where the cyber world has already become a dangerous threat to human life. For example, look what occurred recently to the National Health Services in England."

Video from Calcalist in Hebrew

Cyber Security is Equivalent to Having Insurance for Cyber Crime

"Organizations understand today that spending on cyber security is critical and is an expense that will return value." Daniel noted, "Spending on cyber security is equivalent to having insurance."

"Safe-T is in a world where there are huge companies, so how does a small company succeed?" Daniel explained, “Today, Chief Information Security officers are expected to secure their organization with the security products of any company that can effectively provide them.”

"Therefore, there is a fertile place for young companies with dynamic technology. We are working now with 70 organizations in Israel not because we are large or have existed for 20 years. We are succeeding because we are coming to the security sector with innovations."

Shachar concluded, “Users who experience a painful experience try to avoid it. That is where we enter the picture. The world is beginning to internalize the facts that cyber crime exists in all places and that anything that lacks security will not be able to exist.”

This blog was originally published in hebrew by Calcalist, for the original article click here.

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