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How to Battle Cyber Attacks in the Cloud

By Amir Mizhar


If you are a DropBox customer, you are probably racing to change your login password. None of us want to be one of the 68 Million DropBox accounts that were leaked, right?

Now, imagine you are a CIO at an organization who uses DropBox for business purposes or allows employees to use it. One of those violated accounts could be from your own organization. In either case, you potentially have confidential company files floating in the Cloud, waiting for a cyber attack.

The hacker that now has your credentials, can do one of two things – either steal your organization’s data and demand you pay to get it back, or upload an infected file into your DropBox folder to launch an attack such as DropSmack into your organization.

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Using Secure Data Exchange Brokers to Battle Cloud Storage Hacks

So what’s the solution? Closing down access to cloud storage is not the answer, you will just aggravate your employees. The better option is to actually continue using cloud storages but in a secure manner.

In a recent blog we published called - How to Secure Cloud Storage, we discuss exactly that. The gist of it, is that you need to be able to ensure security and compliance both when:

  • files are uploaded to the cloud storage solution - ensuring confidential files are not leaked and are stored encrypted using your own keys
  • and also when files are downloaded from the cloud storage – ensuring they are not infected

To achieve this, you need a Secure Data Exchange Broker solution which will automatically and transparently secure your data in the cloud.

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