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Tom Skeen

Tom Skeen
Tom Skeen provides guidance on matters relating to IT/Risk/Security challenges to the Safe-T Data leadership team and customers.

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What’s the Problem with SMB 1, and Should You Worry About SMB 2 and 3?

For a certain kind of secure communication, Server Message Block (SMB) is no longer suited for the task. Windows machines use SMB to pass files around a network. Printers, mail servers, and high-priority internal network segments use SMB to provide access to remote users. Although SMB is convenient for Windows and other networks, it’s also convenient for attackers.

Red Team 102: Understanding Metasploit

By Tom Skeen November 21, 2018

Welcome back to our series on red teams! Here, we’re explaining the tools and concepts behind the in-house organizations designed to test a company’s defenses. We started by introducing Kali Linux, a foundational operating system for penetration testing.

Managing the Intersection of Cryptocurrency and Compliance

Cryptocurrency startups are still all the rage these days, but many of these companies have had a "break rules first, settle lawsuits later" approach to operating.

MSSP vs MSP: What a Missing “S” Could Mean for Your Company

A missing “S” could cost your company dearly. Many otherwise-savvy business professionals don't know the difference between Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

130 Million Hotel Customers Breached Due to Exposed Database

Over the last few months, there’s been another massive security breach, one that you potentially haven’t heard of. Its scale was nearly as large as that of Equifax, with 130 million consumers affected.

State-Level Cybersecurity is Hard to Fix

By Tom Skeen May 3, 2018 Cyber Security

Let’s set the scene.

Back in 2015, an audit of the various departments making up the government of California showed that out of 77 agencies, 73 had failed to maintain compliance with reasonable security standards.

NotPetya Caused Maersk to Lose Hundreds of Millions in US Dollars

By Tom Skeen September 1, 2017 cyberattack, Ransomware
The world’s largest container ship and supply vessel operator, Maersk, announced last week that it has suffered hundreds of millions in U.S. dollar losses from the ransomware attack, “ NotPetya ”. 

Everything You Need to Know About the Swedish Data Leak

By Tom Skeen August 8, 2017 Data Breach

Nothing is more scarring than the possibility of having your personal data fall into the wrong hands. The impact seems even more callous when the cause behind the breach is not a malicious virus, or a mystery hacker from a far away land, but rather from an oversight by an institution that you’d think would be good at following its own laws- The Government.

Do We Have to Hire a Data Protection Officer? Understanding the Role of the DPO

By Tom Skeen July 12, 2017 data protection, GDPR

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming up in less than a year, and many of its requirements are not quite clear. A good example of this is the responsibility for companies to hire a Data Protection Officer. This may engender a few questions, such as: