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2018 Will Be an Interesting Year for Information Security – Here’s How Safe-T Can Help

As of this writing, we’re just a month into 2018, and it’s already looking like an interesting year in the realm of information security. Here, interesting means fraught. The first few days of the year ushered in devastating news in the form of the Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities. 

Data Breach Rundown: Year by Year

By Julie Shafiki January 10, 2018 Data Breach

Another year has gone by – another year that seems to have been a single all-consuming cyber-disaster. 2017 has been so bad for information security that it’s hard to even visualize separate security incidents. 

Safe-T’s Top 6 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

Knowing what's changing in the tech world is a crucial way to drive your own IT department and compete in business. For example, over the past year, quite a few CISOs and other execs have had to brush up on their knowledge of trends like cloud service delivery and container virtualization. 

The Truth About The Deloitte Security Breach 

By Julie Shafiki November 22, 2017 Data Breach
We’ve recently discussed the Equifax breach , and how terrible it was, but the credit giant is not the only company that’s been impressing us with a bad breach response. Deloitte, a firm which is ironically one of the world’s largest cyber security consultants, has been breached as well.

Keep your Company's Data in the Right Hands with our Software-Defined Access Solution

Your organization faces a multitude of new business challenges in securing and monitoring sensitive data, providing authorized accessibility to applications, and safely sharing information in a hybrid cloud environment.

Surprise! A New Cyber Security Compliance Just Took Effect

By Julie Shafiki October 22, 2017 Cyber Security, Compliance

It's fair to say that what happens in New York affects the entire world. Thousands of companies make their home there, and some of them — Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Citigroup, and others — can affect the economies of entire regions with the flick of a pen. 

Equifax Demonstrates All the Wrong Ways to Respond to a Data Breach 

Normally, when a company gets hacked, they're entitled to a certain amount of sympathy. Advanced malware is difficult to defend against, and the best that companies can do is sometimes not enough.

Will Platform Consolidation Dismantle Your Security Solutions?

By Julie Shafiki September 6, 2017 Security Solution
The most logical step, following proliferation, is consolidation. This is a trend that we've seen in nearly every other industry after periods of intense innovation, and it's a trend that we're seeing now in information security.

Why the Sun (Data) in Your Enterprise Craves A Total Solar Eclipse (Attack Surface Reduction)

On August 21st, something groundbreaking happened- Netflix viewership went down by 10%... that’s about 5 million accounts.

How Secure Data Exchange Will Let Companies Comply with the GDPR

By Julie Shafiki August 16, 2017 Compliance, GDPR

Over the past couple of weeks,  we've talked a great deal about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will take hold in the European Union next May. We've spoken about:

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