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40% of Executives Say Security Hinders Hybrid Cloud Adoption

By Eitan Bremler January 2, 2018 Cloud Security
According to Senior Analyst at ESG, a growing number of organizations are jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon - and security is a big reason why. Securing public cloud volumes post-migration can be a huge challenge for companies for many reasons:

Don’t Leave Your Web Applications Vulnerable to Attackers

Over 70% of cloud-based cyberattacks are focused on web applications, according to new research. This figure rightly has business owners worried.

How to Prevent Malware Hackers from Accessing Your Software

If you’re like most computer users, you probably wish that your machine could run faster. If you’re also like most computer users, you probably lack the technical skills and knowledge to accomplish this on your own.

MSP: Is Your New Digital Service Compliant?

Offering managed services seems like an easy proposition. You offer IT services for companies that don't have the infrastructure to support their own, bundle in services like cloud storage or remote desktop access, then sit back and watch the money roll in.  

What will Software Defined Perimeter Mean for Compliance?

By Eitan Bremler October 3, 2017 Compliance, Data Security

Your network isn't really your network anymore. More specifically, the things you thought of as your network — the boxes with blinking lights, the antennae, the switches, the miles of Cat 5 cable — no longer represent the physical reality of your network in the way that they once did.

Secure Data Access and the GDPR

By Eitan Bremler August 23, 2017 data protection, GDPR

Unless something happens between now and May 2018, the largest fine assessed for negligent cyber-protection in the EU prior to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have gone to a company called TalkTalk. 

Will the GDPR Stifle Digital Innovation?

By Eitan Bremler August 2, 2017 Compliance, GDPR

In general, more regulation is a good thing. Regulation is what's given us life-improving innovations like the 8-hour workday, and the weekend. It's given us child labor laws, fair wages, cleaner air and water, and healthier food. There's no denying that regulation is, in general, a good thing—but will the GDPR specifically improve our lives, or could it stifle digital innovation?

Cyber Crime is Already a Threat to Human Life

Shachar Daniel spoke at the Capital Markets Conference sponsored by the “Calcalist" and International Bank Leumi, saying: "The information we have on us is more critical, people are more afraid to lose their cell phone than their wallet".

3 Ways the General Data Protection Regulation Might Have Been a Whole Lot Worse

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming, and every commentator says that it represents a huge upheaval in the world of information privacy. They say that, but there have been other occasions where the European Union's Information Commissioner Office has put out some regulations that made barely a ripple. Worse, some proposals have been outright ludicrous, and had they been[...]

So you WannaCry or get Petya-rified, or you Wanna-Be-Safe?

It’s another day and another global cyber attack, which is debilitating companies all over Europe and the US this time by ransomware known as, Petya.  Organizations have come to the conclusion that protecting information is key to keeping customers and maintaining business stability.   However, the way in which information and assets are protected must change because the current model just[...]

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