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Another Cyber Attack into a large firm – What do I do now?

By Eitan Bremler

Many firms are asking these very questions right now because every firm has sensitive data – Customer and/or Confidential Business Data. Large enterprises have an even greater challenge as they often have massive footprints with large numbers of employees, servers and entry and exit paths in their networks.

Using a hybrid approach of creating a corporate security culture, implementing a security strategy and collaborating with technology vendors are all equally essential in protecting information. You want to make sure that your secure data stays secure.

In looking at each case of recent information loss, they have a wide-range of similarities from the networks being infiltrated, malware being deployed, data not being encrypted and employee login credentials being stolen and used. Some might say that by fixing just one of those security flaws information loss would be prevented, but that’s simply not the case.
So what now? You have a positive corporate-wide security culture and strategy. Perhaps the technology vendors you are using are not collaborating with you effectively, aggressively and providing state of the art solutions.

The two most popular and most important products that we offer in the fight against information loss are briefly described below.

  1. Safe-T Box enables organizations to broker, control and secure data exchange of any type and size between people, applications, cloud solutions, and businesses. Built on the industry’s widest range of pre-configured application and cloud connectors and powered by an automated security policy enforcement engine, Safe-T Box is designed to rapidly add security and control across a wide variety of data exchange Patterns for enterprises of all types including to and from The Cloud.
  2. RSAccess Secure Front End is a disruptive front-end perimeter security solution that revolutionizes the traditional role of DMZ. Using patented technology, RSAccess eliminates the need to store sensitive data in the DMZ, to deploy reverse-proxy solutions and to maintain incoming firewall ports.

At Safe-T we believe in a multi-layered approach to security and aggressively keeping up to date on changing trends and threats in the world of cyber crime. To quote our founder, Amir Mizhar, when asked is any system or application bullet proof: “Everything is possible… the impossible just takes longer”.

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