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2018 Will Be an Interesting Year for Information Security – Here’s How Safe-T Can Help

By Julie Shafiki

Information SecurityAs of this writing, we’re just a month into 2018, and it’s already looking like an interesting year in the realm of information security. Here, interesting means fraught. The first few days of the year ushered in devastating news in the form of the Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities. 

The ramifications of these two issues will be unfathomable. They will most likely take years to sort out. Even without the news that Specter and Meltdown ushered in, 2018 was going to be another nail-biter of a year for information security professionals. Let's take a look at some of the top infosec trends for 2018, and how Safe-T can help you ride them out.

Top 2018 Information Security Trends

  1. The GDPR: We’ve written about the GDPR very often over the last few months, and its importance hasn’t diminished over time. Despite warnings from Safe-T and every other player in the field of information security, it’s safe to say that most US companies are still going to be caught flatfooted by the new regulation. We predict that at least one company gets hit by record-breaking fines before 2018 is out.
  1. Passwords: Equifax was one of the biggest breaches in history, and its aftereffects are still being felt. Once such ripple might be the death of password-only authentication. Seeing as the Equifax breach was caused by a lack of 2FA, it seems likely that other companies will get the memo. On the other hand, if more companies don’t commit to more robust IAM, state and federal regulations will probably force them to comply regardless.
  1. Infrastructure: Cyberattacks on industrial infrastructure have been a huge concern in recent years. Now that manufacturers are adopting industrial IoT technology at a record pace, they’ve become more vulnerable than ever. More likely than not, 2018 will be the year that cyberattacks on industrial infrastructure becomes more than an occasional menace and starts to become a frequent danger.

How Can Safe-T Help?

Over the last 12 months, Safe-T has solidified its position in the information security marketplace. We’ve added:

  • New clients in 12 different industries: law enforcement, aerospace, telco, cloud services, financial, healthcare, gaming, government, credit, manufacturing, insurance, and utilities.
  • Technology partnerships with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., the largest global cyber security vendor, and Stratoscale, a leading cloud infrastructure company.
  • A new U.S CEO, John Parmley, an industry veteran from Tufin Technologies who specializes in accelerating early stage security companies.
  • A new product, Software-Defined Access, which increases security by leaving a company’s network presence almost totally invisible to hackers.

While many observers predict that a wave of platform consolidation will wipe out many newer information security companies over the coming years, it’s obvious that Safe-T isn’t going anywhere. With new products, new customers, and an expanded employee base that’s here to help, Safe-T remains one of the best partners to guide your company through what’s no doubt going to be another challenging year. Contact us today to find out more!New Call-to-action

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