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GoldenEye “NotPetya” Ransomware Is Disrupting The Globe With Irreversible Damage

It’s not just the physical world that’s volatile; the cyber world isn’t safe either. Just barely a month after Wannacry ransomware shook up the cyber ecosystem, there was another cybersecurity epidemic that wreaked global havoc on June 27th.

This time it’s Petya, or is it NotPetya... or maybe GoldenEye...

Are You Sending Secure Email Messages?

By Tom.Skeen March 28, 2016 Blog, Secure email

Have you ever been asked to exchange a private document with your mortgage banker, realtor, accountant or doctor? Most are going to answer this question with a resounding, yes. Have you ever stopped to think if the content of that email message or its attachments were secure or not?

Life after Microsoft Forefront UAG | Safe-T

By Tom.Skeen March 3, 2016 Blog

You purchase a software product, deploy it into your production environment and then become completely dependent on it over the years. Does this sound all too familiar? For most us, this situation is quite familiar and, unfortunately, we have been left asking ourselves what to do when the software company pulls the plug on the technology. This is an even more important aspect nowadays with[...]

HIPAA Compliance and Certification in the USA

By Tom.Skeen February 25, 2016 Compliance, HIPAA

From time to time you’re likely hearing references to HIPAA compliance and certification in the context of the health care system. So, like me, you are probably wondering what it means and how it has impact on you and your medical providers.

2015 Global Cyber Security Threats Review & Tips for 2016 | Safe-T

By Tom.Skeen February 1, 2016 Blog, Cyber Security, Data Breach

If someone mentioned the term “Cyber Security” you’d surely know more about this topic today more than ever before. That’s primarily because of all the media attention due to the large number of companies that have had sensitive data and information compromised during 2015 and its effect on millions and millions of individuals worldwide. We expect the institutions that we provide our most[...]

Are Healthcare Companies Maintaining their Security Solution?

That’s a question that many of us are asking ourselves these days. It might not seem like that significant of a question at first glance, but when you really think about it do you want some random outsider knowing what your most intimate medical issues are or what prescription medications you’re taking?

Struggling to show a return on investments (ROI) for Cyber Security spending?

By Tom.Skeen November 4, 2015 Blog

It’s a fact, if you and your firm are not actively making investments into cyber security you are falling behind. There are many reasons why firms are not advancing this cause, but it’s most likely because they have either security complacency (check out my previous blog on the subject) or struggling to show an ROI on this type of spending. Cyber security spending can appear to be an[...]

Do you or anyone around you have “Security Complacency”?

By Tom.Skeen October 24, 2015 Blog

Most all of the headlines these days continue to include information and talk about “data hack this”, “hacker that” and which security solutions are the “crown jewels”.  Because of the sustained awareness of security, you too are looking within your own realm of responsibility at work and at home in an effort to keep you, your customers and your employer safe from cyber criminals.

Does your existing mission-critical application software integrate well with Windows 10?

By Tom.Skeen September 5, 2015 Blog

It’s official, Microsoft Windows 10 was officially released to the general public last month and consumers and businesses are quickly getting onboard. Microsoft describes it as: “familiar and easy to use with similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you[...]

Are you using multiple layers of security as a defense mechanism?

By Tom.Skeen August 2, 2015 Blog

The ways of exchanging data between multiple parties is constantly evolving year after year. This is most likely due to all of the data hacks and also due to ever-advancing technology. Businesses have many options when selecting products to use and services to offer their clients. However, if these products are not utilized correctly and placed into the proper configuration the dreaded hack[...]


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