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Amir Mizhar

Founder, Chairman & Chief Software Officer at Safe-T Data
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How to Reduce Your Cyber-Attack Surface Before It's Too Late

Has your attack surface increased as you've moved more workloads to the cloud? While moving to the cloud can be a great idea, it can also be a security headache for IT departments who have not increased their security staff to keep up with the demand. All it takes is one data breach to put your organization at risk and endanger the value that moving to cloud brings.

Understanding the new Cloud Security Guidance from the CSA

By Amir Mizhar September 17, 2017 Cloud Security
At this year's Black Hat conference in July, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced new guidelines for enterprises to create secure public and private cloud computing architectures. The last time this update occurred was in 2011, which means that this update incorporates over half a decade of technological advancement. There is a significant new body of work in Guidance for Critical[...]

How will you protect data on Hybrid Cloud storage?

You are probably using a hybrid cloud. Even for the smallest companies, the litmus test is pretty simple: do you keep some data on a shared drive that's exclusive to your company, and other data on an online cloud storage platform like Dropbox? If so, then congratulations, you're a hybrid cloud user.

Fileless Malware Attacks are a Bad Sign for the Security Landscape

Cybersecurity is supposed to work a certain way. An attacker sends a suspicious-looking file to a user at a company they're targeting. An antivirus software scans the file, finds that it matches a viral signature, and quarantines it. In this case, the day is saved—but what if a viral payload no longer arrives in the form of an executable?

How to Battle Cyber Attacks in the Cloud

If you are a DropBox customer, you are probably racing to change your login password. None of us want to be one of the 68 Million DropBox accounts that were leaked, right?


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