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Amir Mizhar

Founder, Chairman & Chief Software Officer at Safe-T Data
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How will you protect data on Hybrid Cloud storage?

You are probably using a hybrid cloud. Even for the smallest companies, the litmus test is pretty simple: do you keep some data on a shared drive that's exclusive to your company, and other data on an online cloud storage platform like Dropbox? If so, then congratulations, you're a hybrid cloud user.

Fileless Malware Attacks are a Bad Sign for the Security Landscape

Cybersecurity is supposed to work a certain way. An attacker sends a suspicious-looking file to a user at a company they're targeting. An antivirus software scans the file, finds that it matches a viral signature, and quarantines it. In this case, the day is saved—but what if a viral payload no longer arrives in the form of an executable?

How to Battle Cyber Attacks in the Cloud

If you are a DropBox customer, you are probably racing to change your login password. None of us want to be one of the 68 Million DropBox accounts that were leaked, right?


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