Trust No One: How to Secure File Uploads from Customers

For a lot of companies, file upload is one of the main methods for doing business with the public. As an example, let’s say that you’re customer doing business with a health insurance agency, and they’d like some records from you. Unless there’s a problem with your application, you’re not likely to ever communicate with a specific agent.

FBI Election Flash Alert: Increase Computer Security

With less than 55 days until the U.S. Presidential Election, what have you done to shore up your election data and infrastructure security?  

DNC Hack & RNC Denial of Hack Claim

The Democratic National Committee announced on Wednesday that more documents have been leaked as a result of the DNC hack, prior to their convention. In addition, a Republican House Homeland Security Chairman said the Republican National Committee had been hacked.

Best Security Practices for Protecting U.S. Election Data

You’re a government official that finds yourself reading in the news about various government agencies that have been hacked leading to data being compromised and misused for profit or negative leverage. You begin to question if the online election data you’re responsible for is secure, enough.

Securely Sharing Data with Business Partners and Agencies

Do you store your financial records at an accounting firm? Do you store blueprints with a patent lawyer? Are you a startup being funded by a venture capitalist? Maybe your company is trying to merge with or acquire another entity. The list goes on and on, but the point we're making is that there are a lot of reasons why your company might be sharing data with other businesses—but are you securely sharing those extremely sensitive information?

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for the FBI to Protect You from a Cyber Attack

Even people with hardly any knowledge about new technologies know that fears of cyber attacks are injecting a lot of sensitivity into this year’s election season.

CyberSec News - August 2016

I hope you had an amazing holiday weekend. It’s always bittersweet when the summer comes to an end. To help ease you back into work, we're creating a new monthly blog post dedicated to rounding up the latest hacks and cyber security threats. This blog post is going to go back a few months so we can catch you up.

How to Battle Cyber Attacks in the Cloud

If you are a DropBox customer, you are probably racing to change your login password. None of us want to be one of the 68 Million DropBox accounts that were leaked, right?

Why Your MSSP Should Offer a Secure Cloud Storage Solution?

Many MSSPs (managed security service providers)  currently offer their clients the ability to outsource their firewall, DDoS protection, intrusion detection, and more. Instead of grappling with the expense and effort of building a SOC, hiring trained security personnel, and provisioning the expensive tools needed to define and protect the enterprise perimeter, customers can offload that responsibility to an outside provider.

How to Secure Communication with Your Customers & Prevent Data Leakage

When it comes to data leakage, it doesn't really make a difference whether your business is B2B or B2C—customer communications is still risky business. Selling business-to-business often involves exposing sensitive parts of the enterprise—giving your business customers access to online payment portals, shared drives, and sensitive information like bank account numbers.

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