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CyberSec News - January 2017

Although it is a new calendar year, cyber security threats and information compromise trends are continuing at a fast pace.  The medical field, government sector and online publishing websites are taking the visible hits.

Exploring the Unknown: How Cloud Access is like the World Exploration of the 1800s


“History doesn’t repeat itself,” the great old orator and writer Mark Twain once said, “But it does rhyme.” 

Although everything that is happening is always inherently new, some older eras of civilization can tell us a lot about ourselves, and even give us insights into where to go next.

How Have Technology Security Budgets Changed?

The days of no funding or insufficient funding being allocated to technology security budgets, to prevent cyber attacks, information compromise and ransom, are long gone. 

Is Your Accounting Data Truly Secure?

By design, accounting firms are focused on providing detailed information to their clients. But just like other businesses, the distribution of this information must be secure, and delivered to clients safely.

4 Tips for Data Governance Mastery

Your company probably has data that exists within internal systems (CRM, ERP, etc) as well as external systems that are outside of your control (i.e. weather, social media, etc.). If this disparate data leads you to question the quality of your data, you’re not alone.

Insurance Companies: A Hacker’s Paradise

As more and more insurance companies continue to opt for secure and safe file exchange for their clients’ data, they are at the same time becoming a hacker’s paradise. The reason is simple: insurance companies hold a massive amount of important data, and most hackers are focusing specifically on the file exchange solutions that insurance companies are using.

CyberSec News - December 2016

Government, banking, adult dating and pornography sites are the high profile global cyber attack targets over the last month.  In this month’s edition of CyberSec News, we are going to give you the details you need to know about these incidents.

Managing Secure Data Exchange in Autonomous Systems


Imagine a migratory group of blackbirds, innumerable, that seems to take to the air in one collective breath, or settle, in unison, in a field or on a tree-line. Or a pile of leaves, picked up and thrown into the water, each traveling away on its own current.

Filling the Gap In Law Firm Security

It’s no secret that law firms hold a massive amount of confidential client data. And with the dramatic growth and usage of cloud computing, the need to secure the transmission and sharing of this data is becoming more important than ever.

New Big Data Security Guidelines in the Cloud

If you're in retail, ecommerce, finance, insurance, or sales (and the list goes on), you're probably using big data —or you're envious of companies that do. Big data is largely what it sounds like—the process of generating reams of data from customers and clients, and crunching those numbers to uncover hidden trends. Big data is growing at 12.8% per year, and 40% of analytics firms have capitalized on big data already.


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