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Is Your Accounting Data Truly Secure?

By design, accounting firms are focused on providing detailed information to their clients. But just like other businesses, the distribution of this information must be secure, and delivered to clients safely.

How to Secure Legal Records from Cyber Hackers

It’s no mystery that companies and individuals are hacked every day and information is compromised. Criminals use this information in many ways and one of them is to profit from it in the global markets violating insider trading laws.

Insurance Companies: A Hacker’s Paradise

As more and more insurance companies continue to opt for secure and safe file exchange for their clients’ data, they are at the same time becoming a hacker’s paradise. The reason is simple: insurance companies hold a massive amount of important data, and most hackers are focusing specifically on the file exchange solutions that insurance companies are using.

The WannaCry Ransomware Attack is Cybercrime on the Scale of a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and cyberattacks—it may seem like one of those things is not like the other. But, on Friday May 12th, a new ransomware variant affected 61 health organizations in Britain, halted FedEx deliveries in America, and locked up 200,000 computers worldwide. This is an attack that's truly on scale of a natural disaster, and with patients in Britain being told to avoid hospitals except in cases of dire emergencies, it may truly be a matter of life and death.

Filling the Gap In Law Firm Security

It’s no secret that law firms hold a massive amount of confidential client data. And with the dramatic growth and usage of cloud computing, the need to secure the transmission and sharing of this data is becoming more important than ever.

10 Ways To Secure Legal Documents

All companies have a responsibility to secure client documents, but the legal professional has an extended ethical obligation. Your legal professional has some of your most personal and business information and they must be diligent with security and securing legal documents.  

10 Ways Your Jewish Federation Can Start Adopting Cyber Security Too

The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver is taking information protection seriously by adopting cyber security measures. The federation recently took action to shore up its data protection strategy due to recent rises in extremism in Canada and the United States and the widespread threats to the Jewish community becoming more widespread.

6 Predictions for Cyberattacks and Threats in 2017

As new hacking methods and tools target an increasing amount of vulnerable attack surfaces, industrial and government sectors, once thought safe, are now prime hacking targets.

Protecting Your Data With Secure Cloud Access


Cisco predicts by 2017, roughly 69% of all workloads will be in the cloud. While even five years ago, most CIOs would be concerned about the idea of putting their data in the cloud, now companies use cloud based tools every day.

CyberSec News - January 2017

Although it is a new calendar year, cyber security threats and information compromise trends are continuing at a fast pace.  The medical field, government sector and online publishing websites are taking the visible hits.


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